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Product Redesign
Project Overview
The BioRender Admin Panel gives access to the administrators in charge of the BioRender subscription, allowing them to add and/or remove users. The first admin panel was built over two years ago and by 2021 the BioRender user base had grown over one million users across academic and industry users.

The project was designed and built in less than a week during BioRender's Annual Hackathon. With the strict deadline, the team had to focus and prioritize the critical items needed for Admin Panel 2.0.
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Product Designer
Dec 2021
Some issues that needed addressing from 1.0 included 
• The type of subscription and renewal date
• Better visual of total users
• Contact information for their Customer Experience Memeber
• Quickly request additional seats and preview an estimate
• The status of users (Active or Pending)
before admin panel
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Admin Panel 2.0
admin panel, stats panel
The Licences Statistics section was created to showcase the impact of BioRender on its users base.
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