Kobo Clara 2E

The more eco-conscious
way to read and listen

Introducing the Kobo Clara 2E, an innovative eReader crafted with an exterior made from 85% recycled plastics, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. Despite its compact size, it offers significant upgrades, setting a new standard for eco-conscious technology.

The Kobo Clara 2E was released September 2022.
Landing Page
Kobo Clara 2E landing page is to introduce and showcase the features, benefits, and selling points of the eReader to potential customers. It aims to capture their interest, provide essential information about the product, and ultimately encourage them to make a purchase decision or learn more about the device.

See live site here
Product Cards
The product cards for the Kobo Clara 2E feature a design inspired by the wave pattern on its packaging, emphasizing the device's eco-consciousness. Its purpose is to highlight key features to appeal new customers.
Sell Sheet
Retail Poster
Product Leaflet
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